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About Us

About Us

Blue Digital Academy is a known name in Digital Marketing trainings and the first to launch ‘Workshop-format’ learning sessions in Management institutes in India and UAE. Over 1000+ Management students from more than 30 prestigious colleges and universities have participated in the workshops so far.

We at Blue Digital Academy know what exactly your digital marketing solution should consist of. What has driven businesses for ages have been “performance”, and in the present era, there is no alternative to it. If you aren’t up to the mark, you are just crossed off the list and there is always someone to take over.

Digital marketing services are the key to engage customers, but we also believe that there is more to the term. Regardless of the channel you pursue, understanding customers will be your only tool to make the right decisions. In this multichannel journey, out digital marketing training seems to be the perfect solution that will help create effective communication strategies and drive sales.

Our portfolio of Digital Marketing Trainings include through understanding of:

Digital Analytics: Blue Digital Academy comes with vast numbers of years of experience in web analytics. Our courses will equip businesses with conversion optimization and usability while making the most out of the digital tools available. Visitor conversion is just a part of our goals.

Communication Planning and Strategy: Experts who will lend out the nuances of digital marketing at Blue Digital Academy are thorough in understanding customer behavior, value and insights. We will help you churn out plans that will deliver results more than you could have expected.

Multi Channel Communication: As a premier Digital Marketing Academy, we have been helping businesses all across the globe deploy technology and information throughout their communication channels. Our data segmentation tools make things easier for the clients.

Online Advertising: In the present day SEO, SMO, affiliate marketing, display advertising and a variety of other digital marketing tools provide latitude of opportunities to businesses. We will help you make the most out of it.

Social Media Marketing: When it comes to building appropriate communications, who could forget the power that social media platforms delivers. However, it too needs to be used in the right ways to increase credibility, visibility and growth opportunities.

Blue Digital Academy has the luxury of being a Google Adwords certified partner and this leverages our structure to a much higher level. As it is, we are one of the most popular and successful digital marketing academy in Noida that have been helping business not just locally but throughout the globe.

The more informed decisions you make, the better are the chances of staying ahead competition and making a mark among your possible customers. Our insights are simplified for all forms of businesses – be it a startup or a Fortune 500 company. Delivering training programs across a range of industries make us the best academy to sign up with. It just takes an idea to be big and different but there is a lot of groundwork that most forget. Check out our solutions and success stories.

Who Attend our Workshops:

Attendees of Blue Digital Academy Trainings and Workshops are working or have worked with some of the world’s leading brands and companies like:

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